Operations Director
Bernie Knox

Laura Lazan

Hockey Director
Jeff Martin

The staff at Hometown Hockey Minnesota takes an immense amount of pride in providing a world class hockey experience to all players, parents and fans. We strive to run a professional and competitive organization that is a tremendous value to hockey players of all ages. 


We are committed to teaching the game of hockey in a manner that will:

  1. 1.Allow the kids to have fun.

  2. 2.Teach the kids how to compete in a team environment.

  3. 3.Improve individual playing skills.

  4. 4.Teach respect for others and self-confidence regardless of the outcome of games.

Operations Director Bernie Knox has 15 years of experience coaching youth hockey at all levels.  He is currently coaching at the Mite level in Andover and is dedicated to providing youth hockey players with the training and development they need to be successful.

Hockey Director Jeff Martin is a former High School Hockey Coach who also has many years of experience coaching youth hockey.  He is currently coaching at the Mite level in Andover.

Hometown Hockey Minnesota was created out of our passion and dedication to youth hockey players.  Our vision is to provide these young players a place to learn, grow, develop and have fun all while playing the greatest sport in the world!